Review: Kirsty and the Great Campaign (BSC TV Series Episode 4)

Kristy may have been the President of the BSC and the member of the club who narrated the first book, but when it came to the TV series, she had to wait until episode four to get to the title role. This one is a cute enough story about Kristy helping Courtney, a shy baby-sitting charge to run for student council against a particularly arrogant and annoying kid (who just happens to have an equally arrogant and annoying brother who is the same age as Kristy,) anyway, both Courtney and Kristy learn some valuable lessons about responsibility and listening to others along the way. The only thing I could remember at all about this one was the catchphrase Count on Court and I have a sneaking suspicion that I only saw it once. Or maybe it just wasn't that memorable.


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