Review: The Right Track (Girl vs Boy Band #1) by Harmony Jones

Sometimes, it's just fun to read a bit of fun, fluffy middle grade fiction. Particularly when it is the kind that would have had me practically weeing myself with excitement at age thirteen. I loved the concept of this new series and for that reason, I just had to read the first instalment. The Right Track introduces us to Lark, a thirteen year old who is brutally shy, and who has a talent for songwriting--a talent that she does not wish to share with her mother, Donna, an LA based record company executive. Then a new problem arises, in the form of a three member boy band from the UK, who are going to stay with Donna and Lark while they record their first album. How will Lark manage to live with three hot boys and keep her songwriting talent a secret?

This one was sweet and pure fun. Certainly there were a few cliches (including the name of the author, a probable pseudonym,) but these were all handled well. A few moments had me smiling, such as Lark fainting at the airport, and when it was revealed why a certain seat was empty at the school talent show. 

Girl vs Boy Band is a great read for the young and the young at heart. Recommended. 


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