Review: Night of the Kraken by Jonathon Green

Night of the Kraken is the first instalment of a brand new Doctor Who YA series, Choose the Future. Basically, it works just like a choose your own adventure book, where the reader gets to choose what they think the Doctor should do. In this adventure, The Twelfth Doctor finds himself in late eighteenth century Cornwall battling the Kraa'Kn, (think: big scary creatures from the deep,) who have just invaded the area. On hand to help is the mysterious Ravenwood (who may not be all that nice,) and the lovely Bess who is a local barmaid. 

While there is nothing new about this kind of interactive storytelling, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked within the Doctor Who universe. The sections of story are done quite well and some sections may easily be used in one adventure and then within a totally different context in another. Although there were a few different endings, I seemed to find myself back at the same one nearly every time, despite taking radically different steps to get there. 

A bit of fun for a rainy afternoon, for young and old fans of the Doctor. 


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