Review: An Outback Christmas by Louise Reynolds

An Outback Christmas is a surprising romance about an unlikely pair who end up spending Christmas together. Carrie Holt lives in isolation and has absolutely no plans to celebrate Christmas--this year or any other. But her plans change when two strangers, Adam Davidson and his young son Tyler, find themselves stranded on her property and in need of help. As Adam and Carrie grow closer, the truth about her tragic past comes to light ... and Adam and Tyler may just be people she needs to help her heal.

I enjoyed reading this short and light novella, which provided the perfect (romantic) distraction during a busy time of year. Adam and Tyler were very easy to identify with and Carrie's problems--and the reason she had closed off her heart--were quite sad though understandable. 

A charming Christmas tale. Recommended.

Thank you to Destiny Romance and Netgalley for my reading copy. 


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