Review: The Girl in 6E by A.E. Torre

The Girl in 6E is the kind of book that would ordinarily cause me to roll my eyes and move on, given the fact that this is yet another previously self-published book that became a global best seller, featuring explicit sexual content and violence, that is supposedly written by a married, upper middle-class and extremely attractive MILF. Yawn. 

Anyway, long story short, I found a copy on a remainder table at one of those sale book shops that seem to disappear just as soon as they spring up, bought a copy just for a giggle and then found myself feeling like a bit of an idiot when it actually turned out to be a half-decent book. Yes, it's explicit and it revolves around a young, female protagonist who earns a crust by performing sex acts in front of a webcam and yes, she does have extreme homicidal tendencies, but, on the whole, the story is engaging enough. (The writing is so-so, but I wasn't exactly expecting Shakespeare. It does what it sets out to do.) Deanna is certainly an unlikely person to be searching for a child who has just been abducted--however she feels that she has little choice in the matter when the police overlook some crucial evidence that she has provided them linking the abduction with one of her creepy clients. The author has certainly done her research on paraphilias, from the mildly amusing to the downright weird. And there is a love interest in there as well, in the form of nice guy and saviour Jeremy. 

Recommended to readers looking for something a bit explicit and a bit unusual. Not for children, teens or the easily offended. Or for people who would rather be reading Shakespeare. 


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