Review: Island Home by Tim Winton

I grew up on the world's largest island begins this beautifully written landscape memoir by one of Australia's most beloved authors. In Island Home Winton masterfully details the West Australian landscape, adding in his personal memories and his occasional (and entirely appropriate for the subject matter) political view. 

This one is very easy reading, pick it up and let the details of the Australian landscape take you away. What really struck me--and is something that I have never thought about--is just how diverse the landscape in Australia actually is. The Western Australian landscape that is so beloved and written about so beautifully, is so different from what I experience here in South Australia, and travelling east or north provides new sights and experiences again. It is also a novel of enormous change--Winton grew up in the 1970s and has seen many changes to the landscape and many of them are not for the better--and a wake up call to preserve the unique beauty that we have in this land before it is lost for good.

Highly recommended. 


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