Review: Before I Go to Sleep by SJ Watson

Before I Go to Sleep is a very cleverly plotted thriller with an interesting premise. Christine is a middle-aged woman who, when she wakes each morning, cannot remember the past twenty years. Her only link with a normal life is her patient and long-suffering husband Ben, and the journals that she makes about her days. But the journal comes with a chilling note--that Christine should not trust Ben. Who is her husband, really? Why should Christine not trust him? How did she lose her memory in the first place and does she ever have a hope of getting it back? Over the course of a day, Christine reads through her journal entries and discovers just how dangerous her situation may be ...

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed reading this one and guessing at some of the twists and turns. My instincts about Ben were spot on and most of the suspense came from wondering if and how Christine would be able to escape the situation. The story is well written and the author cleverly drip feeds the reader information, always giving the reader just enough to keep them wanting more. The ending is satisfying, though I cannot help but wonder at what the future may hold for Christine.

Recommended, though fans of the genre have probably read this one already.


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