How old is Jon Arbuckle From Garfield?

It is no secret that Garfield from the beloved Garfield comic strip counts his birthday as June 19 1978, and that every year the comic strip has a special birthday celebration. In recent years, the celebration has become an even bigger event, spilling over to social media and when Garfield turned 25 there was even a special Garfield themed cruise. But one questions remains? If Garfield's birthday is June 19, making him thirty-seven years old this year, then how old is his hapless owner, Jon?

Well, here is your answer.

Source: Go Comics

In a comic strip that debuted on December 23 1980 Jon declares that he is twenty-nine years old, and that he would be thirty, but he was sick a year. (His illness was never specified, though it is completely within the realms of possibility that Jon spent time in a mental asylum.) If Jon has indeed aged in real time, this would put his possible birth date at December 23 1950, making him sixty-five years old today, or sixty-four if one does not count the year that Jon was sick. Alternatively, Garfield Wiki states that Jon's actual birthday is July 28 which is the same day as Garfield's creator, Jim Davis, though Davis was born in 1945.


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