Kathryn's Inbox Exclusive: Would be Romeo Dismissed by Women as "Probable Scammer"

Mr Lennon in his facebook profile.
NOWHERESVILLE AUSTRALIA--When Lukas Lennon retired from an esteemed career with the military, he wanted nothing more than to find true love. His attempts at finding love, however, were soon shunned by Australian women, leaving him shattered. "I don't understand it," Mr Lennon says, as he sweeps a hand through his blonde hair. Wearing only a pair of tight-fitting budgie smugglers, he steps on to the balcony of his palatal family home and stares wistfully out at the beach. "I had everything planned so perfectly. I set up a facebook page, and posted a number of pictures of myself, my home and all of my cars and made it clear that I was looking for that special someone. I searched the profiles on facebook so carefully, looking for women who were over thirty-five and widowed, but none of them wanted to be my facebook friend. Some of them even blocked me and sent these really weird messages, telling me that I was an obvious scammer, that I was probably from Nigeria and that I was just after their money. That's not true at all. I thought that the shots were great, they were taking during my brief stint as a male model. Is it really so wrong that I am approaching widows on facebook?"

Mr Lennon seemed genuinely surprised when our reporter mentioned a number of singles events that were happening in his local area. "You mean there are agencies who organise this sort of thing?" He asked. "And that I don't have to keep approaching random strangers online? I never realised that women would find that so creepy ..."

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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