Around Adelaide (Street Art)

H-Class Tram, Wigley Reserve
How is this for street art? (Or street car art, perhaps.) At Wigley reserve, Glenelg, a small section of the park is now home to one of Adelaide's famous H-class trams. The H-class trams were a stalwart of Adelaide's public transportation system, servicing the city-to-Glenelg (or city to the Bay if you're a local,) until 2006 when the newer Flexity classic trams were brought in and the tram line was extended to West Terrace. H-class trams were slowly phased out after the introduction of the newer trams, eventually narrowed down to weekend historic/tourist services until the tram line was extended to Hindmarsh in 2010. One of the trams, number 361, now sits proudly under a canopy, just a hop, skip and a jump away from the Patawalonga River where the replica of the HMS Buffalo is moored.  


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