Review: Cityglitter by Carla Caruso

Cityglitter is a bit of fun, lighthearted reading with likeable characters and an amusing set-up. Twenty-something Christelle is living the good life in Sydney, she has a good job and invitations to a number of A-list events. And then her annoying little sister Trixie turns up uninvited and threatens to spill Christelle's secret--that she and Trixie are half-human and half-fairy. Can Christelle keep her identity a secret? Can she stop the naughty Trixie from meddling with her life? And what will happen if Christelle's boss, the very sexy Jasper, do if he finds out the truth about Christelle?

As I said, this one is a bit of fun, lighthearted reading. I read the bulk of this on in one sitting and found myself quite amused by some of Trixie's antics, particularly what she did with the nasty Lillian and the New York snow globe. There were a couple of unexpected plot twists in there, in particular the true identity of one character. But this really is not a book that warrants a great deal of analysis, it's one to be read purely for fun. 


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