Guest Post: Juliet M. Sampson Talks About Sunshine and Inspiration

I have to confess, one of my favourite pages on facebook is Sunshine and Inspiration. Today, I am lucky enough to have the creator of the page, author Juliet M. Sampson here to tell us a bit more about the page ...

Spread sunshine and inspiration.’ Juliet M Sampson

Everyone needs inspiration as we all experience the highs and lows that life throws at us. Throughout my childhood I loved reading books that shared inspirational quotes about believing in yourself and having a positive attitude to life. My love of this flowed over into writing my own quotes and poems.

As I grew older I observed and admired others and the ways they lived their lives, following their dreams and reaching their goals.

Being a primary teacher as well as an author, I have learnt about the way young children behave. They have a great zest and love for life and most of them are willing to give anything a go. This attitude to life is inspiring as children exhibit pure joy.  

Inspiration comes from everywhere. I am inspired by nature such as the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly or a seed growing into a beautiful sunflower. Individuals who volunteer to help worthwhile charities such as protecting children from violence, also inspire me. For me, these people are the real role models in today’s society. Sometimes we fail to acknowledge the people around us such as our parents, family and friends. These people are often the ones who support and encourage us to follow our dreams.

I wanted to spread sunshine and inspiration daily so I decided to create a community on facebook where I could offer positive messages to others through words and images. The ‘Sunshine and Inspiration’ page was developed and I wrote a quote to represent what this page aims to achieve for others.

'Fill your life with love, joy, inspiration, dreams, beliefs and motivation. Be true to your inner self. Let your light shine brightly and don't let others darken your flame'. Juliet M Sampson

To my delight, many people have embraced the Sunshine and Inspiration page and at present it has a community of over 1,000. I receive so much positive feedback about the page daily. The world can be a beautiful place if we take a positive attitude. Yes, we all go through dark times but it is how we deal with them that is important. It is sometimes these daily reminders of inspiration that can assist.

I chose my signature line ‘Spread sunshine and inspiration.’ Juliet M Sampson to represent what I stand for and how I wish to live my life. When looking into the meanings of these words, they suggest reaching out and extending to others light, warmth, joy, hope and cheer, encouraging others to have a positive outlook.

I am pleased to see others are using and sharing my quote as it can be applied to life in so many ways. One person has used ‘Spread sunshine and inspiration,’ with photos and memories, another with a dance video and yet another, in memory of someone who obviously spread sunshine and inspiration.

Inspired by the happiness and positivity the Sunshine and Inspiration page has created, I now want to reach more people and continue on these positive messages. The answer is how can I do this? Well I am very busy compiling an inspiration book and hope to have it out in 2015 some time. If I can make a difference in just one person’s life, I know it is worthwhile.

Life is a blessing and being grateful is the key to happiness. Please keep ‘Spreading sunshine and inspiration.’

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