Review: St Barts by Emme Cross

Much like the island in which the novel is set, St Barts moves at a gentle, leisurely pace to tell the story of a pair of unlikely lovers. Sunny is a young woman who though in her early twenties is a virgin and is unaccustomed to male company. She is also grieving the loss of her father and has returned to the island to sort out her family affairs. Sven is a Hollywood level actor who is never short of female admirers who finds himself on the island working on a film. Through chance, the pair meet Sven begins to act as a kind of mentor to the innocent Sunny and well ... The end result may be predicable enough, but it is the journey that makes this one a whole lot of fun and worth reading. My only real complaint is that the print job is a bit shoddy on the paperback version and had I have known this, I probably would have opted for the eBook instead.

 Overall St Barts is an entertaining afternoon read. 


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