Review: No Safe House by Linwood Barclay

No Safe House is a page-turning crime novel about an ordinary American family caught up in a web of dangerous people and dangerous situations. Several years ago, Terry Archer, his wife Cynthia and their daughter found themselves caught in a terrible situation, which is depicted in Barclay's previous novel, No Time For Goodbye. The trio were rescued by criminal mastermind Vince. And now, it seems that the family may need Vince's help again, after rebellious daughter Grace and her delinquent boyfriend Stuart find themselves in the wrong place at exactly the wrong time. 

A big part of the story hinges on why Vince, and his stepdaughter Jane, are so willing to help the family and what they may possibly want in exchange. And do either know anything about a spate of robberies and murders that are occurring in the town?

Barclay's novel is a satisfying, face-paced page turner. Some parts of the story are a little gory (or perhaps just not for the feint-hearted,) there are a few interesting twists (the vase for example,) and the ending is a satisfying one. The writing itself is very straight to the point and there isn't a lot of description, detail or (dare I say depth,) though this made it easier for me to keep turning the pages. I do not read a lot of crime novels, so it is difficult for me to judge it against its peers, though I found it to be an enjoyable read. 

Finally a big shout out to the Reading Room and to Hachette for my review copy. 


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