Review: Little Cuts by H.M.C.

Little Cuts is a delicious eBook only serving of four short horror stories--each one distinct from the others--told with a unique Australian voice. The stories are somewhat reminiscent of Paul Jennings and Roald Dahl, but with a little more horror and gore and pitched firmly at the YA market. Hilary's Shadow introduces us to an imaginative young women and the potential horror in the mundane; Ring Around the Rosie looks at the psychological effects of a traumatic event on the protagonist; Tech Death 2040 examines technology gone wrong (and gives us some great insight on why it isn't such a good idea to follow fads; and Catalina ends the series on a heartbreaking note. Also included is the first chapter of the author's upcoming YA novel, The Water Seer.

Short, scary and a whole lot of fun, I recommend this one to anyone who is looking for something to read that is genuinely a bit different to the usual YA romances and mortality tales that are currently saturating the market. Highly recommended. 


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