Review: Bound by Alan Baxter

I was lucky enough to meet Alan Baxter a couple of weeks ago when he appeared at Collins Booksellers Edwardstown and he was kind enough to sign a copy of Bound for me and chat for a moment or two. I was absolutely intrigued by the fact that he added a notation Beware a dangerous book to my copy and these words proved to be rather fitting. Bound is an action packed ride, telling the story of Alex, a martial arts cage fighter who finds himself caught up in a strange new world after a visit from a mysterious man. Alex, it seems, has some terrific magical abilities that he has never put to use--but thanks to Englishman Patrick Welby that it all about to change. Alex finds himself bonded to a very dangerous creature who has hidden himself within a book and solving the problem--even with the very knowledgable, well-connected and mysterious Silhouette by his side--is not easy. Rather, Alex's adventures are violent, non-stop and quite frankly, bloody exciting to read about. The author kept me guessing right until the end as to what was going to happen. 

This one is a brilliant Urban read, spanning countries and featuring a believable main character. Recommended. 


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