Review: Lick by Kylie Scott

Imagine waking in Las Vegas and discovering that one, you cannot remember anything about the night before, two, that you married to a very famous rock star and three, that you have his name tattooed on your backside. That is the premise of Lick, the first novel in Kylie Scott's Stage Dive series.

This one pretty much is what it is and publisher Pan Macmillan's marketing campaign--hiring male models to give away free copies in three major cities--should pretty much tell potential readers whether they belong in the target audience. The writing itself is fairly lightweight. The good girl heroine and rock star hero are relatively easy for the reader to identify with and some readers will probably enjoy Evelyn's musings about her future and the development of her own goals versus the vision that her straight-laced parents have for her. Most of the story revolves around the premise of will they or won't they stay married, coupled with a lot of erotic content. Anyone who likes NA romance with a lot of erotica will surely enjoy this one, those who are looking for something a bit deeper may be disappointed. For fans or those looking for lighthearted entertainment. 


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