Friday Funnies: Porky's Hare Hunt

Here is a bit of random trivia for you. In the 1930s, the most popular Looney Tunes character by far was none other than Porky Pig. A little more aggressive than we know him now (though still with the trademark stutter,) Porky, like many outdoorsy American men of his generation, enjoyed rabbit hunting.

And then, along came this cartoon, where Porky is outsmarted by an unnamed rabbit. The character would later become Bugs Bunny (named after the director of this short, Ben "Bugs" Hardaway,) and when his "real" debut came in 1940, he would soon overtake Porky in the popularity stakes. Meanwhile, Porky's occasional sidekick Daffy Duck, who was already building up a following of his own, after his debut in 1937, would soon find himself cast in the role of the best friend and occasional enemy of Bugs, though he continued to be paired off with Porky during the 1950s and 1960s where they would parody popular films and television shows of the times.

Through January I will be devoting Friday Funnies to Looney Tunes. Feel free to share any of your favourite clips or moments in the comments section. 


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