Friday Funnies: Duck Amuck

This week, I am paying tribute to one of the finest Daffy Duck cartoons ever made (in my humble opinion, though I suspect a lot of people may agree with me--read more here,) Duck Amuck. In this short, which is nearly impossible to find unbutchered or whole on the internet Daffy speaks with an unseen (well until the end,) and antagonistic animator who communicates back via a pencil and paintbrush. It is a simple but brilliant concept and it works well. 

I am devoting all of my Friday Funnies posts to Looney Tunes. Feel free to comment by telling me of your favourite Looney Tunes moments or to share any Looney Tunes related clips. 


Andrew Leon said…
Stupid thing ate my comment. :(

That's one of the greatest episodes ever. The comic book Animal Man did a great tribute to it at one point.
Kathryn White said…
Grr. I'm sorry blogspot ate your comment. I promise to feed it more Tim-tams in the future.

I'll have to check out the Animal Man tribute.
Andrew Leon said…
I think it was issue #5 of the series that started in the 90s. Written by Grant Morrison? Maybe.

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