Friday Funnies: Bugs Bunny Show Theme Song


I have declared January Looney Tunes month for Friday Funnies. Over the next five Fridays I'll be sharing some of my favourite Looney Tunes moments, starting with the above clip, which is the theme song for The Bugs Bunny Show. There are better quality clips, shared below, but this is the one that I remember from my own childhood. Throughout my childhood, The Bugs Bunny Show would air at 5pm on Channel 9 and became staple viewing. Bugs and Daffy would introduce the show with this theme song and we were treated to three different shorts, each featuring different Looney Tunes characters. In the 1990s, they tampered with the format at bit. From mid-1990 to 1992, the show changed to an hour long format, leading in to the (then) top rating Channel 9 news. This version of the Bugs Bunny Show was also hosted by Australian actor Sophie Lee (Muriel's Wedding, The Castle,) who caused a stir for her racy outfits. (I also remember at some point, my nine year old self, writing her a fan letter as I thought she was cool because of the Looney Tunes association.) Other Warner Brothers cartoons, such as Ghostbusters and Tiny Toons found themselves piggybacked into the show and all in all, it made for a great hour of kids entertainment. Eventually Channel 9 gave it the axe, because well, Channel 9 are weird like that, in favour of a long forgotten Australian soap called Paradise Beach that starred Isla Fisher. (You can watch part of the final episode of the Bugs Bunny Show here.) The Bugs Bunny Show was relegated to part of the Saturday morning line-up on What's Up Doc, which featured other Warner Brothers cartoons, before dying a quiet death. 

In the United States, The Bugs Bunny Show was often changed and rebranded to suit different generations and the popularity of different characters, with its longest running format being the Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show. The opening credits are different, yet spookily familiar and would change a couple of times:


Kate said…
I have not heard of any of these but am glad you enjoyed them! Old follower : )

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