Friday Funnies: The Best of Looney Tunes

Thanks to everyone who has been following my Looney Tunes posts. When I was putting these posts together, there were a lot of shorts that I wanted to feature. So this week, I am going to showcase a few of the shorts that I would have liked to have shared, but could not find a long enough or decent clip for:

The Three Little Bops:

Who could forget this awesome Looney Tunes musical number, with the Three Little Pigs taking up Rock and Roll and pitting themselves against a Big Bad Wolf who just couldn't play?

One Froggy Evening:

Who doesn't love that sneaky (but talented) frog?

Tweety and Sylvester's First Pairing:

One of many Looney Tunes classics to feature the duo.

Foghorn Leghorn opens his mouth and gets proven a fool, yet again:

I say boy ...

Hippety Hopper:

He's just unAustralian. Seriously, had Chuck Jones ever seen a kangaroo? Or know what fair go means?

Kiss Me Cat:

Who could forget Marc Anthony and his relationship with that adorable kitten?

And finally, there is just no way I can end this series on Looney Tunes without paying tribute to the weird, badly animated and downright tacky closing credits to the long-forgotten Porky Pig show from the 1960s


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