Off Topic: Not Asking For It

Just had to share this photograph, which came up on my facebook newsfeed mid-yesterday (and yeah, I totally stole,) because I think it makes a valid point. Clothing does not dictate whether or not is acceptable to sexually harass or sexually assault another person. The blame for sexual assault should never be put back on the victim--it is the perpetrator who made a choice to do so. 

But all of that is overlooking one important fact anyway. Sexual assault and sexual harassment isn't about sexual desire. It is about holding power over another person. What I love about this picture is that the woman in it is no doormat. She's turning and pointing the finger straight where it belongs. With the perpetrators of sexual assault. 


robgirlbooks said…
Yep. You said it all. Good job.
The Readdicts said…
Exactly! That is so true. Thanks for sharing, Kathryn!

Sarika @ The Readdicts
I am going to like this everywhere! It is amazing how many times I've heard people say things like 'oh, but she shouldn't have dressed like that...' Makes me mad!
Kathryn White said…
Thanks Lexie. I agree, it makes me so angry when people try to blame the victim.
Anonymous said…
Spot on Kathryn! Though a mythy it's widely held that sexual assault is about desire and hence the blame is often put on the victim's behaviour or appearance. It completely disregards the fact that assault (of any form) is about power and control.
Kathryn White said…
Exactly! That is why the picture is so powerful, as it puts the blame precisely where it belongs, with perpetrator, not the victim.

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