Think Out Loud

I'm a little late with the Think Out Loud meme this week, but hey, better late than never. Think Out Loud, is weekly meme designed to give book bloggers the opportunity to think outside the square and write about topics other than books. So for this week, I'm going to write about the famous, talented and eccentric artist Salvador Dali.

Although while I was studying art in my upper years of high school I became fascinated with surrealism, particularly the works of Rene Magritte (and the fact that it meant I could just draw random objects on the same page and then claim that it meant something,) Dali more or less passed me by. He probably would have continued to pass me by forever, had it not been for that damn social network that we all know, love and hate called facebook. Basically facebook recommended that I might like the Salvador Dali page and that I should check it out. And well, you know, seeing as I liked some of his contemporaries I thought that I would check it out.

After three weeks of seeing one or two of his pictures on my news feed each day and trying to like them, I have come to a surprising conclusion.

I hate his work.

Seriously. The melting clocks (yeah okay, the piece is actually named The Persistence of Memory and according to this Wikipedia article they were inspired by a surrealist perception of camembert cheese melting in the sun,) annoy me as does having my newsfeed constantly filled with images of people who are broken in one way or another. 

I suspect the truth is probably that I'm not learning about the work of a great artist by a great teacher. Then again, his artwork has sparked a reaction in me, so maybe Dali's work is doing its job ...

These melting clocks were inspired by a surrealist perception of Camembert
Cheese melting in the sun. Either that, or Dali was having a good laugh at his critics.


Judith said…
I can't agree more: I don't like Dali's work at all! My aunt is a big fan and she always tried to make me enthusiastic too, but I just never got it or appreciated it. I just... meh.
Kathryn White said…
Yeah, it's just not for me. Some people love it, but I just can't give it the same level of appreciation or understanding.
Think said…
I never have really thought about Dali much. I know some of his work, but I'm not drawn to it really.

Great Think Out Loud! Very interesting. And you weren't late. You can post any day, I just post on Mondays to get my Linky up for the week.
Kathryn White said…
Excellent! I'm glad I'm not late after all.

Yeah, it's not as if Dali's work is terrible, I can see the genius there, I'm just not drawn to it.

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