Garfield: Things People Would Rather Have Than Money

I was trawling the net earlier for hair salons (of all things) when I suddenly thought of this brilliant Garfield comic from the late 1980s. (Back in the days when Garfield was, arguably, far sharper than its current form.) Basically, Jon comes home with an awful looking hat and is happily showing it off and Garfield points out with his usual thought-bubble sarcasm that he is amazed at what people will happily exchange for money. Which is precisely how I felt when looking at the prices and services offered by several Adelaide-based hair salons. That's not to say that I thought any of the haircuts were ugly, tacky or in any way comparable to Jon's hat, just that I'm unwilling to part with that much money for a hair cut and it surprises me that other people do, probably on a regular basis. 

Yes, I'm aware that some of these are owned and run by people who are at the top of their field and are very selective about who they employ. I also imagine that they would treat me quite well if I should ever visit their salon. If I were considering a career in film or television (God forbid,) or if my hair had been damaged to the point where I was reluctant to leave the house without a paper bag on my head, then I would probably consider it worth my while paying an excess of seventy dollars to have my long, brown locks trimmed. But the fact is, I have no desire to appear on television and my hair is in good condition. And to be honest, I'm just not that well, vain about it.

Fashion is fashion and for me, fashion in its most pure form is rather low on my list of priorities. I do not need the latest hair cut and colour to feel that I am a worthy or attractive person. On the other hand, I do not look down on anyone else who chooses to follow and enjoy fashion--for some fashion is to them what books and writing are to me. It is a kind of art. It is just not one that I choose to follow.


Kathryn White said…
Post script. I subsequently had my hair cut at a salon in my home suburb. For a professional cut, they charged $32.
Anonymous said…
My single favorite Garfield truth.

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