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Time once again for Feature and Follow Friday, an awesome weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read designed to help like-minded bloggers connect. This week's all-important question is:

Who is your favorite villain from a book?

This was a difficult choice for me, but one villain clearly stands head and shoulders above the rest. Who could possibly ignore that dreadful, disgusting Lyman from the early Garfield comics, whose biggest claim to fame is being the original owner of Odie and who allowed Garfield to shed orange hairs on his white disco suit.

Lyman. Ugh. Who lets a bossy tabby shed hair
on his white disco suit. 

In all seriousness, I'm having a lot of trouble thinking of my favourite villain. Maybe this is because no one compares to my favourite television villain, Mr Burns from the Simpsons. 

Help me out here. Tell me your favourite literary villain and why. And don't forget to add links.


Anonymous said…
Passing on through, great work on the post, never would haev thought of Lyman, and wow that is really early on from the comics, I dont even think I am 100% familiar. :)

New follower would appreciate the follow back.

Many Thanks,
Co-Owner/Founder and Blogger of Lunar Haven
Lunar Haven FF post
Kathryn White said…
Thanks. Will check out your blog.
Kathryn White said…
Awesome, thanks for the link!
siriusyareader said…
Hehe nice! I <3 Garfield. Mr Burns is awesome. I chose Snape because he's a murderer sarcastic a bully... yet he turned out alright.
new GFC follower:
Kathryn White said…
:-) Glad you <3 Garfield, I'm a huge fan. Snape is an excellent choice!
Anonymous said…
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