Review: Melody Burning by Whitley Strieber

After thoroughly enjoying Girl, Stolen, a YA novel that had been on my to-read pile for practically forever, I decided to take another look at Melody Burning, another YA novel that has been waiting patiently on my to-read pile for the best part of a year. The result was, well ... perhaps a bit of a let down.

Melody Burning tells the story of a pair of unlikely lovers. Beresford is a teenager who has grown up living in the chutes and crawl spaces of a large high rise in LA. Melody is the latest teen rock sensation. Beresford watches Melody sleep every night and has convinced himself that he is in love with her. Melody finds him watching, discovers how much he cares and falls in love with him. Oh and there's an assassin that wants Beresford out of the way and Melody's stage mother doesn't want him around either. The owner of the high rise is going to set fire to the building and claim the insurance money. And that's about it, really. An unbelievable plot comes to an unbelievable climax and then it all ends. Not my cup of tea, but it might be fun light reading for those willing to suspend their disbelief.


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