Review: The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

With a front cover and blurb that promises lots of fun and romantic misunderstandings, how could I possibly resist this romantic comedy from US based writing duo, Christina Lauren. Olive and Ethan aren't exactly what you might call friends. Enemies would be a better word. Which is kind of a problem, because Olive's identical twin sister Ami is just about to get hitched to Ethan's younger brother Dane. Things take a massive turn for the worse when, at the wedding reception, the entire bridal party and all of the guests--except for Olive and Ethan--find themselves struck down with food poisoning. Suddenly, Olive and Ethan find themselves being shuffled off together on the non-refundable but all-expenses-paid honeymoon. But can these sworn enemies possibly put their mutual hatred aside long enough to enjoy the trip of a lifetime? 

On the whole, this was an entertaining romance that follows the standard enemies-to-lovers trope, offering a few laughs and misunderstandings along the way. Olive and Ethan made for an entertaining couple, with their constant digs and their eventual discovery that, deep down, they may not be terribly different from one another after all. However, the entertainment value wore a little thin in places, mostly thanks to the crass humour and a complete lack of subtlety. (Some readers might find the entire chapter devoted to the bridal party throwing up their dinner to be hilarious; for me it wore thin after about the second paragraph.) The writing and story itself lacks depth, though there is plenty of warmth and humour.

A good choice when you're looking for something light, and you don't mind a few crass moments.


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