Review: To Sir Phillip, With Love by Julia Quinn

The fifth Bridgerton novel turns its attention to Eloise, the fifth born Bridgerton and best friend (and now sister-in-law) of Penelope Fetherington. Eloise is twenty-eight years old, outspoken and a spinster by choice, having now turned down six proposals. She also enjoys writing letters and will find any excuse to write one. When she sends a short note of condolence to Sir Phillip Crane after his wife passes away, she does not intend for it to eventually lead to a proposal of marriage. Or that she would run away from the family home to meet him.

Or that the pair would be complete opposites, and unable to get along.

This was an entertaining, light romance about a pair of opposites who turn out to be the perfect match for one another. There are lots of laugh out loud Bridgeton moments (the shotgun wedding is a particular highlight,) in between a few raunchy scenes and a bit of romance. I enjoyed this one as just a bit of fun and I will probably read the next book in the series soon. 



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