Review: Knife Edge by Malorie Blackman

Noughts & Crosses was such a winner that I just had to jump into the sequel at the earliest possible opportunity. And I was not disappointed. I devoured this one in the space of a single day, picking it up whenever I had a spare moment.

Following the death of Callum, Sephy is pregnant and alone. Meanwhile, Callum's rogue brother Jude is also alone and living his life the only way he knows how--by hating everyone, hurting those who try to get close to him, and staying on the run. We see alternate chapters from each of their perspectives--Sephy as she struggles with motherhood, post natal depression and the realisation that the divisions between Noughts and Crosses are so deep that they cannot be changed by one person, and Jude as he struggles under the weight of being loved by someone that he is meant to despise until he does something terrible.

As was the case with Noughts & Crosses, the author handles her characters and situations with a hefty dose of realism. She also writes in a way that makes it near impossible not to be caught up in the story, whether she is describing a murder, or something far more mundane.

Oh, and I warn you, the novel ends on a hell of a cliffhanger ...

Highly recommended. 


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