Review: Spectrum of Scarlett Tanner by Elizabeth Calder

What a refreshing, ripper of a read Spectrum of Scarlett Tanner proved to be. Scarlett is a secret agent, living a double life. As far as the general public--and her husband--know, she is the doting wife of the Premier of South Australia. What fewer people know is that she is actually a secret agent with multiple identities who works for Spectrum, a powerful global organisation. When her two worlds begin to collide, Scarlett finds herself on a thrill a minute adventure with multiple twists and turns and potentially deadly consequences ...

This book was one hundred percent fun. The pacing is quite fast, though the author allows us time to get to know Scarlett and her unusual circumstances. Her double life was a lot of fun to read about, however, what was really pleasing was the fact that Scarlett wasn't portrayed as a bored and unappreciated housewife who became an assassin for kicks. Instead, the author shows a woman who truly is living a double life--she loves her husband, but she has lived the life of an assassin.


This book was read as part of the Aussie Author Challenge 2019.


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