Review: Adulthood is a Myth by Sarah Anderson

Many of you will no doubt already be aware of cartoonist Sarah Anderson and her Sarah Scribbles webcomic. For those of you who don't, the comics are a fun meditation on life, what it means to be an introvert and the silly hypocritical things that we all do that may or may not serve in our best interests. Adulthood is a Myth is her first comic collection. 

The comics included in this collection focus on themes of expectations versus reality, as what it means to be an adult in contemporary western society. It's a book about wasting an entire weekend on the internet, the desire to go home and be in ones pyjamas and the often excessive way introverts can analyse every single thing that happens to them in public.

It's fun, it's truthful and to be honest, it got on my nerves on occasions for being perhaps a bit too relatable, though the journey was most definitely worth it. I also quite liked the felt cover and the clever irony of something we normally relate to picture books for small children being on a book about adulthood.



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