Review: Shell by Kristina Olsson

Shell was the subject of a publisher bidding war recently and it is not difficult to see why. Shell is a beautifully written, Literary novel set in Sydney during a tumultuous time in our history. The year is 1965. Journalist Pearl Keogh has been sent in disgrace to the women's pages after being seen and--more importantly--photographed at an anti-war protest. Meanwhile, glass artist Axel Lindquist is in Australia creating a work that he hopes will do justice to the great masterpiece that is being constructed on Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Opera House. The pair meet and what readers get is a story of two people who are caught in a time of unrest and great change. After all, this was an Australia that was undergoing radical social change, whilst clinging desperately to a more conservative era. 

Like the Opera House that inspired it, there is no denying that Shell is something special. Something bold. Something unique.  

Ultimately, though, this is a book about courage. The courage to do what is right. The courage to think for yourself.

The courage to change.

Overall, well done. Recommended.

Adelaide readers: Kristina Olsson will be appearing in conversation with Laura Kroesch at Imprints Booksellers on Monday the 29th of October at 6:30pm

Thank you to Scibner Australia/ Simon and Schuster Australia for my beautiful hardcover review copy of Shell.

This book was read as part of the Aussie Author Challenge 2018


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