Review: History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera

There is a lot going on in this contemporary YA release--OCD, sexuality, the death of a first love. The novel opens with Griffin, a young man who is about to attend the funeral of his first love, Theo. Griffin may have broken up with Theo, but he still loves him. Through flashbacks we learn of Griffin and Theo's relationship, while the present day narrative tells the story of how Griffin works through his grief, embarks on a surprising friendship with Theo's boyfriend Jackson and, finally, confronts his mental health.

This one is deep and complex reading, one of those novels that proves, conclusively, that YA does tackle deep issues in a way that is accessible to many readers, including those older than the target audience. It's a no holds barred look at grief, sexuality and mental illness, which can get a bit heavy going at times, but makes for a valuable resource for anyone who is dealing with any of those issues, or anyone who knows someone who is. Or for anyone who just wants to understand.



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