Review: The Phantom ... For Those Who Came in Late

For Those Who Came in Late is the first trade paperback to be published by Frew and it's a fitting tribute to their most beloved superhero, The Phantom. (For those who are wondering, yes, Frew published other comics, in Australia the most notable of which are Popeye and Mandrake.) Anyway, this publication includes all of the comics that make up the stories behind the legend, and explains everything, from how the current Phantom inherited his title following the death of his father, to the origin of the infamous skull ring and for those of you who are wondering, yes, we do get to see when the Phantom, or Kit Walker, met Diana Palmer for the first time.

This is a great collection, sure to please old fans and an excellent (and comprehensive guide,) for new fans of the comic. For those of you reading this from overseas, you should probably know, The Phantom is one of the most successful and enduring comics to be published in Australia--in fact, it's one of the few that is still published here and is readily available at most newsagents and corner stores. (And it usually only costs about $3.50 for a regular issue. Specials cost a little extra.) 



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