Review: Two Generations by Anne Connor

When writer Anne Connor started researching her father's life, she made a surprising discovery. While her father, Jock, was serving in the Australian Army in 1943 his machine gun accidentally discharged and killed his friend. It was an incident that the family never spoke of, not even in the decades following his death. In Two Generations, Anne tells the story of her father, her mother, her family and of her own childhood, growing up in the shadow of the Second World War. 

This was a pleasing memoir comprising of a blend of Australian history, biography and some very personal stories. It brings to life the horrors of war and the impact it can have on families and their lives even many years after the war is supposedly over. Ultimately, it's a very personal story for one family, but something that is also well and truly worth reading.


Thank you to Ventura Press for my reading copy of Two Generations.

This book was read as part of the Aussie Author Challenge 2018


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