Review: The Baby-Sitters and the Boy Sitters (BSC TV Series Episode 10)

The tenth episode of the Baby-Sitters Club TV series is notable only for the fact that the actors who played Pete and Alan (Dave Buzzotta & Russell Harper aka Herbert Russell) have gone on to have long and successful acting careers. Otherwise, this one tries hard but doesn't quite hit the mark. The Baby-sitters Club has a problem--more clients than sitters, but when Kristy's rivals Pete and Alan put themselves forward as potential baby-sitters, Kristy is quick to say no. Unfortunately, the rest of the club think it is a great idea, at least until they see the boys in action. From there, we see a storyline that is almost identical to that of Hello, Mallory with the boys making beginners mistakes and the girls being rather unforgiving, until the boys set up their own baby-sitting service. Eventually, the boys learn that baby-sitting is tougher than it looks, and the girls realise that the boys are learning valuable lessons from their mistakes. It's a sound enough lesson, but the whole thing is executed rather poorly, even by children's television standards.

It's really not difficult to see why this series only lasted three more episodes ...


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