Review: The Many Ways of Seeing by Nick Gleeson with Peter Bishop

Nick Gleeson has scaled Everest, been captain of a cricket team, explored the Simpson Desert and is an experienced athlete. He also happens to be blind. After losing his sight in an accident at the age of seven, Nick learned a different way of 'seeing.' In The Many Ways of Seeing Nick shares his experiences with the world. The text, however, is more than that. It also tells the story of how this unique book came to be. Peter Bishop, an experienced editor and publisher shares his insights of the writing and editing process, the challenges that he faced while working on this book, and the many discoveries that he made during the creative process thanks to Nick's unique insight.

I enjoyed reading this one. It was an autobiography with a twist. In many ways, Nick struck me as a natural writer--he has a real talent with words and shares his experiences quite beautifully. I found myself drawn in to several of his stories, in particular the one about his first trip to the shops alone at age eleven. I also enjoyed the account of his trip to the Simpson Desert.

This book is honest, insightful and refreshing. Recommended.

Thank you to Ventura Press for my review copy of The Many Ways of Seeing.

Note: In July 2017, a companion book Back to Broady written by Nick's friend and childhood neighbour will be released. Both books will launch Peter Bishop books, a new and exciting imprint by Ventura Press that will help to foster new and emerging talent based on their literary merit. 

This book was read as part of the Aussie Author Challenge 2017


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