Review: Paris Lights by CJ Duggan

If books were food, Paris Lights would be one of those frivolous dessert items that some may call a guilty pleasure. Or to put it another way, much like the macaroons that the heroine consumes, this is light and fluffy with some gooey sweetness in the middle.

Clair Shorten is a twenty-five year old Australian living in London, who has always dreamed of travelling to Paris. Then things start to go wrong when her more-than-just-a-little-bit-insensitive boyfriend dumps her under the Eiffel Tower. (Yep, while other men are proposing, Claire's boyfriend is such a dud that he is dumping her. What a bastard, eh?) Anyway, a surprise turn of events leads Claire to a swanky apartment and a job as a Maitre d at a hotel. Then something catches the attention of nasty celebrity chef Louis Delarue ... and it may not just be the hotel that has Louis' eye.

This is light reading, with lots of melodramatic twists, plenty of Australian vernacular and an easy narrative that allows readers to insert themselves into the story. It offered me some light reading when I desperately needed some, and I might check out other two stand alone novels in the series (set in New York and London, respectively) at some stage.

This book was read as part of the Aussie Author Challenge 2017.


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