Review: Faithful by Alice Hoffman

Faithful is a story of loss, depression and redemption. Shelby Richmond is an ordinary high schooler living it up with her beautiful and popular best friend Helene, until one day a serious road accident changes the lives of both girls. Helene suffer serious injuries, while Shelby slumps into a deep depression and finds herself abused in hospital. As time goes on, Helene becomes a magical figure around town, while Shelby finds herself making more and more bad decisions.

The story follows Shelby as she moves to New York with a man who she does not love and suffers a number of ups and downs (though, mostly downs,) as she moves toward adulthood. The mysterious postcards, and Helene both hover in the background and it seems that both may be able to offer the young woman the one thing that she desperately needs--redemption. The question is not so much how Shelby will find redemption, but if she will allow herself to have it.

After the second chapter, I wasn't sure how much I was going to enjoy this book and if I should continue with it. I am glad I did, however, as this is, as the author allows the readers to feel a very real sense empathy for Shelby as she fumbles her way though life. 

Keep a tissue handy, this one has some truly sad moments.


Thank you to Simon and Schuster Australia for my reading copy.


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