Aussie Author Challenge 2017

Well, it's 2017 and that means its time to sign up for some more great reading challenges. This year, I'm kicking off with one of my favourite challenges, the Aussie Author Challenge, which is put together and hosted by brilliant book blog Booklover Book Reviews. Even though I fell down a bit in 2016, I'm determined to do a bit better this time around. I will be aiming for Kangaroo, which is the top level of participation--Kangaroos will need to read twelve books by Aussie authors, at least four of them female, four of them male, and four of them must be new to you.

I hope to discover some great books, offer some worthy reviews and most of all to discover some excellent books along the way. If you'd like to participate too follow the link below:

Bonus question: Who is your favourite Aussie author and why?


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