Silly Railway Station Names

As all good Adelaide folk know, there is something a little bit cool and a little bit special about the Seaford Railway line. It is the only line on the Adelaide suburban rail network to have electric trains and modern railcars (thanks Tony Abbott for cutting off funding to the project when the Gawler Central line was only half done--I'm sure this played a part in the fact that you are no longer Prime Minister,) and you never have to put up with being crammed in like a sardine on one of those tiny 3000 class railcars that (lets face it,) never really were a suitable replacement for the iconic Red Hen railcars. Anyway, I was travelling on the Seaford Railway line recently, I got a little bored and my mind started to wander. Then I started coming up with stupid alternative names for all of the stations. And they were all so dumb and unfunny that, naturally, I decided to share them here ...

Mile End - Smile End
Adelaide Showgrounds - Adelaide Snowgrounds
Goodwood - Goodwood, Badchipboard
Clarence Park - Sir Clarence Park
Emerson - Emerson & Emerdaughter
Edwardstown - Edwardstown & Bella's Village
Woodlands Park - Woodlands Spark
Ascott Park - Ask Scott Park
Marion - Marionette
Oaklands - Croaklands
Warradale - Warradale, Not a Valley
Hove - Shovel
Brighton - Brighton My Day
Seacliff - Sea Cliff Richard
Marino - Marino Wool
Marino Rocks - Marino Frocks
Hallett Cove - Hallett Cover
Hallett Cove Beach - Hallett Undercover Beach
Lonsdale - Lonsdale, Shortvalley
Christie Downs - Christie Ups & Downs
Noarlunga Centre - Snoarlunga Centre
Seaford Meadows - See Ford Meadows
Seaford - See Ford Cars

Can you think of any silly railway station names? If so, feel free to share them in the comments section. 


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