Review: Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines

American author Abbi Glines moves back into high school/YA territory with her latest release Until Friday Night. It's the first novel that the author, best loved for her NA romances has set in a high school since The Vincent Brothers. And given that Glines is somewhat prolific, that was many, many releases and series ago. Anyway, Until Friday Night is a sweet romance featuring West, the star of the high school football team and all around popular guy and Maggie, the sweet new girl in town who also suffers from selective muteness after witnessing a terrible incident two years ago that tore her family apart. West's own life is not going so well--his dad is dying--and it is Maggie who offers him comfort, while offers a friendship that allows Maggie to feel safe for the first time and to speak once again. But could the pair be more than just friends?

This one is a light, touching romance. It never tries to be anything more than it is and the experience is enjoyable enough, with a more than satisfying ending and a bit of light kink. The author leaves the doors wide open for a sequel featuring an important but not leading character from this book.

If you like YA romance, you're bound to love this one. Recommended.


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