Review: Exit to Eden by Anne Rice

Very few authors can write about any topic with the level of class that Anne Rice can. In the course of Rice's long career she has written about vampires, witchcraft, retold the life of a young Jesus Christ and turned a fairytale (sleeping beauty) into an erotic novel that will most likely become a classic. In Exit to Eden Rice writes about a forbidden romance that begins in the most unlikely of places--on an island that houses a BDSM resort--and between two unlikely characters, one of the young female owners of the resort and a brand new and very willing male slave ... 

I enjoyed reading this Exit to Eden, which I found to be quite well written and unique. Lisa and Elliot are far more than their roles on the island (her as a dominant, he as a slave,) and their forbidden romance brings out the complex nature of their lives and their sexualities. There is a real depth to the writing and a complexity to the characters and their situations. While some readers may be disturbed by the concept of the island and some of the graphic depictions, this novel is well worth reading simply for its exploration human nature, relationships and sexuality.

Almost completely without flaws. Highly recommended.


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