Review: Charming the Outback by Leesa Bow

Charming the Outback is a lightweight romance, set against the backdrop of the Australian outback that will be sure to please fans of both new adult romance and rural romance. (I suppose you could call this one a crossover and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible.) Maddy McIntyre is an Adelaide girl, who is tired of the city and limited employment opportunities for graduate primary teachers. To further her career, she takes up a post in Broken Hill. But is that the only reason why she has moved to the small, mining town? Or could Luke White, the man who broke her heart several months ago and left Adelaide for his hometown be the real reason that Maddy is so interested in moving to the outback ...

This one is a lightweight romance that works as a perfect companion novel to Bow's previous Destiny Romance title, Winning the Player. It is what it is and it is difficult to say too much about the novel without giving away the very elements that made me want to keep reading. So I'll say this. The author writes a mighty fine romance with characters who are human, believable and all the more enjoyable to read about because of their flaws--too many books have flawless heros and heroines whose issues are caused by unfair circumstance; the characters in this novel have a little bit of blemish, do annoying things and sometimes make bad decisions, and that makes them all the better to read about. 

Finally, a big shout out to Penguin Books and Netgalley for my review copy. Thanks!


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