Kathryn's Inbox Exclusive: Vegan Cake Decorator Sued For Refusing to Ice Cake With Pro Duck Shooting Message

NOWHERESVILLE, AUSTRALIA--Dave Smith, owner of a store selling vegan cakes to the public is being taken to court for refusing a request for a cake that featured a picture of Daffy Duck and the slogan Support Duck Shooting. Smith, an avid animal rights campaigner, declined the request on the grounds that he personally found such a message to be abhorrent. "As a private enterprise that supplies non-essential goods to the public in exchange for money, I feel that I should not be forced to support causes that I personally find upsetting," Smith explains. "Now, it seems that I am being sued for discrimination and will probably lose my business for refusing to decorate a cake that makes a mockery of my feelings about duck shooting."

The cake, which has a value of approximately $40 was requested by the Legion of Duck Shooters of Nowheresville and was to have been consumed at their annual meeting. "Duck shooting is legal in this part of the country," a representative explained. "Therefore it's my right to be able to purchase a cake from any store, at any time, with a pro duck shooting message." When questioned why the Legion of Duck Shooters had chosen that particular bakery, knowing that the owner had a conflicting viewpoint and that the cake could have easily been purchased elsewhere, the representative refused to answer. 


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