Cover Reveal: Everybody Hates Abigail by Kathryn White

Below is the cover and blurb for my next novel Everybody Hates Abigail which I am currently in the process of preparing for publication. I hope to have the novel ready for release in December. This one is very special to me, as not only is it a prequel to Being Abigail (my favourite of all of my published works,) but it is based on some short stories that I wrote when I was in my teens. The editing process has been quite rigorous, though a couple of original paragraphs made it all the way to the final edit. 

Anyway, without further ado ...

Abigail Carter may be daughter of a chart-topping rock star who is taking the world by storm, but that does not mean that her life is interesting in any way, shape or form. Expelled from a prestigious Adelaide boarding school, Abigail is sent to live with her aunt and uncle in Maripaninga Valley, South Australia's most boring small town. There, Abigail spends her days fighting with her classmates and wondering why the star of the local football team wants to date her. When one of her classmates disappears under mysterious circumstances Abigail begins to discover that there may be more to Maripaninga Valley than she realised and that the truth about Rose DuBois' disappearance may be closer than she first thought ...

Everybody Hates Abigail by Kathryn White. Coming December 2014


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