Review: The Girl in the Basement by Dianne Bates

The Girl in the Basement is a frightening glimpse into the mind of a psychopath and his teenage victim. Libby is a young woman celebrating her sixteenth birthday, when she is snatched away by a predator who is determined to make her a part of his 'family' along with a younger boy. Far from home and locked away in a basement, Libby must find a way to defeat her sadistic and often deluded captor who wants to rename her Serena and use her as a replacement for the sister he murdered many years before. Meanwhile, a smaller boy is being used as a replacement for their captors brother. Together, this trio are supposed to be a family, but Papa has all the power and rarely shows mercy on his captives.

Australian author Dianne Bates does a commendable job of showcasing the mind of a man who has many wants, thrives on cruelty and has no natural empathy for others. Meanwhile, Libby is shown to be a strong and resourceful young woman who, in places, has a lovely wisdom that is well beyond her years. The narrative had me turning pages and wanting to know more about Libby's fate and if there was a way for her to escape her captor. I wept for Angus, who wanted only to return to his rightful home and family. 

This is a fast paced read, suitable for YA audiences and beyond.


Andrew Leon said…
That does not sound like my kind of book.
Kathryn White said…
That's a pity Andrew, I'm enjoying it almost as much as I am enjoying this copy of Shadow Spinner that I won in a competition recently ...
Andrew Leon said…
It's like Flowers in the Attic; that kind of story just holds no attraction for me.

But it's good that you're liking Spinner. I'll have to check that one out.
Kathryn White said…
Ahh. Different books appeal to different people. I like the odd psychological thriller and seeing if, ultimately, a good person can triumph against evil and all odds.

Yeah, Spinner is great. That author seems to be quite a talented guy, you should check out his book and his blog :P
Andrew Leon said…
I think I'll do that!
Thats sounds Awesome!! I would maybe like to read this! ^.^

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