Friday Funnies: Snoopy Dances

Found this cute little gif and felt that I would like to share it with you lovely folk. Schroeder is sharing a tune while Snoopy dances and Lucy listens. See, this is where gifs are quite lovely. It's a little picture shared from one person to another or perhaps shared with an audience, designed to tell a message or perhaps convey a certain feeling. This one has a message of fun and contentment with a dash of class added in.  


Andrew Leon said…
Or, maybe, how one person can appreciate something while another completely disregards it.
Lucy was always dismissive of Schroeder's playing, but Snoopy is clearly overjoyed by it.
Kathryn White said…
I always felt that Lucy was jealous of Schroeder's music. She knew that it was his true passion and wished that he would treat her with the same kind of reverence. Coupled with the fact that she didn't truly understand the magic of Beethoven, she chose to put it down. In the picture above, it's quite difficult to see any kind of strong feeling from her at all. She's not dancing and nor is she frowning, which makes me think that she is simply listening ...

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