R.L. Stein to Relaunch Fear Street Series

According to this article in the New York Times author R.L. Stein will be re-launching his Fear Street series (again,) in October 2014 with a brand new title, Party Games. I'm guessing that considering the long wait, this novel will actually be penned by the author himself instead of a possible ghostwriter. This is actually the second time that the pulpish Fear Street has been relaunched, in 2006 a few of the novels were re-released with brand new covers. (Personally, I prefer the old covers with the author's name in foil.) I'm kind of curious ... I wonder what horrors can be found in Shadyside and how long it will be before one of the protagonists loses his or her mobile phone ...

Bonus Question: Which is your favourite R.L. Stine title and why?


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