Friday Funnies: Calvin and Hobbes Dance

Found this awesome little clip on YouTube and thought that it would make a perfect post for Friday Funnies. It's fun, it's simple and more importantly, we see young Calvin and his buddy Hobbes move.

As anyone who has some knowledge of the Calvin and Hobbes comics and their brilliant creator, Bill Watterson, would already be aware, Watterson was not a fan of merchandising. He refused to allow his beloved comic to sell out. No Calvin and Hobbes merchandise was ever allowed (you can occasionally find unofficial things, usually stickers or t-shirts depicting a defiant Calvin pissing on various logos,) as he felt it would cheapen his comic. Calvin and Hobbes has never been made into an animated television series or film. Some fans might argue, therefore, that this clip is an abomination of Watterson's vision. Personally, I'd like to think that if it was made by aspiring artists, distributed freely (and not for profit,) and did not offer any kind of political comment that Watterson would approve. 


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